SWASSMAN #6: Inglorious Swassterds

E6 Clank and Chrome follow Zane's lead to a party in which the Swassman runs wild. Chrome questions his abilities in catching the Swassman and after a falling out with Clank, Chrome goes solo in a vigilante vendetta.

Guest stars: Brian Rooney & Molly Pan

SWASSMAN #5: Swass Hawk Down

E5  The Swassman continues his rampage as he swasses his way into suburbia and beyond. Public attention is now following the crimes as the heat is on for Detective Chrome and his partners. Chrome visits his girlfriend to discuss his woes while Clank and Jabar have a heart to heart.

Guest stars: Cassandra Clingon & Brian Rooney

SWASSMAN #4: The Swass and the Furious

E4 Chrome awakens from his coked up state to find a file from his deceased brother waiting for him. Leading him to an expert in Swassology, Professor Bart Zane helps Chrome find what makes the swassman strike.

Guest stars: Molly Pan & Brian Rooney

SWASSMAN #3: Chrome's Swasstastic Voyage

E3 After the death of his brother Jerome, Dan Chrome continues his search for the sweaty assed creature. With no help from his show tune loving Lieutenant, Dan goes on a Coke binge that results in the ultimate mind trip.

Guest star: Frankie Paul

SWASSMAN #2: A Tidal Wave of Hate

E2 The series retains its moistness as Detectives Chrome and Wilson continue to hunt the Swassman, as they investigate his latest victim. With the help of Dan's brother, Jerome Chrome - Part Time Paranormal Investigator, the crew continues the search for the mythologically moist man-beast.

Guest stars: Brittani Smith & Andy Brinkman

SWASSMAN #1: Clank and Chrome Hunt the Swassman

E1 - Swass = Sweat + Ass...Swassman = Man + Swass After Scott Clank's partner, Jabar Wilson, is captured by the Swassman, he enlists the help of Dan Chrome in hopes of finding their tortured friend.